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    Great quality and personal service! Will be calling him again within the year!

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    We also trust Alan implicitly in our house. But the real selling point for Page Carpet Cleaning is that he has the best equipment you can buy. This is the real difference between Alan and the rest of the companies we've used. We were actually ready to replace our living room carpet after the last cleaning because it still looked so bad. After Alan's cleaning last week the carpet all looks brand new. Then there's the price. $149 for three rooms and a hallway. You can't beat this.

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    Alan has done our rental house as well as our own for years. He does a great job and is not only trustworthy but does a fantastic job!

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    The fact that this is the first review of Alan's business actually speaks to the word of mouth only advertising he does. He has been in business for over 20 years and does no advertising! He has cleaned my carpets for that amount to of time and I leave him the key .. That's how trustworthy he is.

    I hesitate even leaving a review as I don't want to have him overbooked but he does such an amazing job I must.

    He is fair and reasonable priced and has his own state of the art equipment.

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